Our service

…comprise the construction, reparation, reconditioning and renewals of packaging machines especially for the tobacco industry. With the upgrading of existing machinery to efficient and as good as new working engines we live up to modern technical expectations and give consideration to our customer’s requirements.

Latest mechanics connected with newest electronics will be integrated in the existing elder machinery generation. During whole working-processes we guarantee a continual check-up for quality and functionality of existing components and units.

Further services:

  • Assemblies overhaul
  • Delivery and installation of format sets
  • Modernization kits
  • Spare parts service
  • Production support
  • Delivery and installation of link-up-kits

Our service contains…

  • Disassembly and transport of existing machine constructions
  • Reconditioning and modernization in our works
  • On-site rebuilding and start-up of overhauled machines
  • Delivery of machines and presentation under conditions of production
  • Technical support
  • Training and instruction for technical staff

We guarantee…

  • Permanent quality assurance of all required components
  • Prior check for functionality of existing machinery
  • Attention to customer’s standards for electronical/ pneumatical and mechanical bought-in parts
  • Submission of solutions based on customer’s task